Orientation - where do you fit in?

Welcome to your Herbalife Journey!


Together with your sponsor/ coach, we’ve put together this step by step guide to assist you in getting the most out of your Herbalife Nutrition Membership - ensuring your have the information and resources which will be useful to you.


Whether you want to enjoy Herbalife Nutrition products as a customer with better pricing, cover the costs of your program or make an extra income, we've got your back.

Where are you on your Herbalife Journey? 

You decide where you fit in. 

Let your Sponsor know so he/ she can best assist you.

AUDIO Explanation of 3 Options available (pictured above)

Here is a little more about Jean & Chris Thompson’s journey – currently at the international Executive 15K Presidents Team Level!


They are our 'upline' Presidents Team leaders. 

This  means they have helped thousands of people to enjoy the products and benefit from the rewards - they have worked towards building a large group of leaders in SA and around the world.


They were the first Presidents Team members in Herbalife in South Africa and have 11 Presidents Team members in their organisation.

You are a part of an amazing company!

Take a seat and watch this short video

 It's so exciting - Best products and the Best opportunity 😊