All Herbalife Members are required to renew their membership annually. This renewal fee contributes towards the company's costs of running all the warehouses and staff that are there to serve us and keeps your name and HBL ID on their system.


Importance of renewing your subscription each year on the anniversary of your joining date.


Keep your current discount privilege and ability to purchase products on your Herbalife ID number

Keep your team members in your lineage“ if you fall off the system die to non-renewal, any Members you have enrolled will move permanently to your upline.


Don't Delay - attend to this urgently to retain your Herbalife Membership benefits - don't risk your license being deleted from the system if it is not paid.


​If you do not pay in time your ID number will be reinstated by paying the outstanding annual fee BUT you risk losing any Members and Supervisors you may have registered in your team as they will roll up to your upline and your discount level on re-instatement maybe reduced.


To check the status of your Herbalife ID Number (Membership license): 


Call Herbalife on (011) 554 1000 - click 1 for sales / orders – you can check when your Membership is due for renewal and if it is due you can renew it on the call.

Please be aware the call centre is currently overloaded with calls and it may take some time to get through.



Online Membership Renewal: 

When you place your orders online - login to  > Shop > then place your online order as you usually do and if your Membership Renewal is due it will automatically show in a pink box at the top of your shopping cart, click on “Pay Now” and it will be added to your cart (see image below)

LWG Member Renew.png

Should you not be able to get into the myherbalife system with your ID it COULD mean your name has been taken off already – in this instance please call Herbalife on (011) 554 1000 – but again please be aware it may take some time to get through at the moment due to high call volumes.


Herbalife Banking details as follows:


First National Bank

Herbalife International Pty Ltd

Branch code: 250046 

Account: 58860021188 

Reference = your Herbalife ID + SKU 9909 (for Distributor) or SKU 0909 (for Supervisors)