My husband Chris and I are part of the support structure you can tap into with your new Herbalife membership registration.


We’d like to welcome you to the Team. We call ourselves the Lifestyle Wellness Group - a team of Herbalife members and distributors established in 1995 at the launch of Herbalife into South Africa.


We’ve been Herbalife Members since 1994. It all started with our passion for the products.


I used to:


- Consider myself healthy and not in need of supplements

- Exercise frequently but struggled to shift the last bit of body fat

- Often missed meals

- Have plenty of energy but struggle to stay awake after 8pm at night


Now I:

- Understand the importance of and ensure I eat regular meals every day

- Start my day with a healthy breakfast - our convenient & great tasting shake

- Have retained my shape and a great level of health well into my middle years.

- I have the energy and focus I need to be a successful career woman.


As a vegetarian, athlete, highly graded International Martial Arts instructor and owner of his own Karate school for over 50 years, Chris has depended on great nutrition to give him the edge and to stay on top of his game – the Herbalife nutrition along with the Herbalife 24 Sports range have been a perfect and

convenient fit for him.


Whether you joined us because you love our products and are looking to enjoy our wholesale prices or you have joined us to assist with our mission of promoting a healthy active lifestyle along with our products to the community, you’ll be getting the support you need by plugging into our support structure.


As a brand new Herbalife Member you are immediately eligible for a discount of 25% which, after taxes and costs brings you a 20% discount on your actual products!


For more details on our Rewards  programme (where you can achieve a 35% discount or higher) speak with your coach - and use the 10 Step Getting Started program on this site to position yourself to get the Rewards that excite you.


Along with your sponsor's guidance, we look forward to supporting you on your journey towards achieving your goals.


To your health and success!

Chris Jean.jpg

Chris and Jean Thompson
15K International Executive President's Team