Herbalife Jet (Turbo) Drink


- Support appetite control

- Help keep you out of the 'hunger zone' 

- Supports lean muscle

- Supports digestive system

- Helps with daily water requirement

- Increases energy 

- Save money. Cut down on snacking and spending money                  unnecessarily snacks

- Good general nutrition. 


- 2L water bottle. 

- 4 scoops of personalized protein powder OR

- 2 scoops of Protein drink mix 

- 2 liters water

- 3 caps Aloe Concentrate

- 2 scoops MultiFibre Drink

 -2 spoons Herbal Beverage (Thermo tea)


You can make some small adjustments to your measurements if you want. 

Have it in between your meals where you'd normally snack. 

So you have your shake in the morning and then an hour later you have your first jet drink. 

By lunch half of it should be gone and by end of the day you should finish it and make fresh one the following day. 


- Keep in fridge or cooler bag when you're not drinking it 

- After finishing your drink wash the bottle with warm water to remove traces of protein

- Finish half of the drink by lunch and all of it before bedtime


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