Activate your Membership by starting to build your Circle Of Product Lovers

Invite - friends and family to trial and sample Herbalife Nutrition Products such as Formula 1 healthy meal, our energy boosting herbal beverage and/ or some of our snacks such as protein bars or soya beans

Evaluate - Introduce them to The Ideal Breakfast programme along with a simple Wellness Evaluation so we can help them to identify and reach their healthy, active goals. Our 5 Day Ideal Breakfast Challenge is an ideal starting point.

Support - and inspire your new product lovers to use the products and reach their healthy, active goals: introduce them to our 5 Day Ideal Breakfast Challenge or FitClub Community so they can enjoy even more support whilst following the plan.

Achieve 500PPV (Personally Purchased Volume) in 3 consecutive months and this beautiful branded NutriBullet is yours!!

You need just 5-7 clients this month.


Help them to fall in love with the products, enjoy more rewards and get more products for your budget and qualify for 1st, 2nd or 3rd leg of this exciting promotion.

Note: This is a one-time only  promotion open to all Members

Who could you help?


Sharing a healthy, active lifestyle with 5-7 people can inspire product purchases and unlock more rewards. Start with the people you know! Friends, family and colleagues could all reap the benefits of the healthy, active programme.


You just need to show them how…


Focus on helping them with an Ideal Breakfast


Who do you have breakfast with in the morning?

Who do you spend most of your daytime with?


Who do you know that…


- skips breakfast?

- has no energy?

- does not not eat during the day?


Asking people what they ate for breakfast this morning is an easy way to introduce the Herbalife Ideal Breakfast and its benefits. Imagine how many people you know that skip breakfast or may not be eating healthily in the mornings. Why not challenge them to an Ideal Breakfast?

Aim to get 5-7 people you care about started with you!

Best possible value for your budget?

Focus on achieving the Herbalife Supervisor level and not only will you benefit from our best level of product pricing, with an amazing 50% off, but also open up the possibility of many more rewards.